First Final Cut completed!


It is our pleasure to announce that the first final cut has been completed and will be pre-screened by the Advisory Board and a select audience on Friday, September 5. This is a good time to thank the Alamance County Visitors and Convention Bureau and the Alamance Chamber of Commerce for the use of their conference facilities in this endeavor. Before our next final cut, we have a quick equestrian scene to shoot, some narration cleanup, and the addition of music from our local group and we will be done!


We are now in the final stages of preparation and will be doing a late submission to Sundance within the next couple weeks. The Full-Frame festival submission will follow soon after. It has been a journey since the inception of this project and we have made a lot of new friends along the way. “The Regulators” would not exist were it not for the efforts and kindnesses of many.


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