ShutteRelease is a dba operating in North Carolina.  It encapsulates the visual creative side of Chris Laforet, an accomplished photographer and documentary filmmaker.  While ShutteRelease’s primary focus is documentary production, it has evolved into a full-featured imaging company. Its staff and strategic partners can cover everything from large photography events, through commercial spot production and filmic wedding heirloom videography, filming and production of unscripted TV, all the way to feature film production.

Having established the brand in 2011, Chris has worked on perfecting many of the roles of an independent filmmaker.  His first documentary Carouselwas a breakout hit among many.  With the release of the full-length documentary The Regulators 250th Anniversary Edition (available on Amazon Prime), Chris has proven that he can bring a classic and timeless filmic vision to his work. In 2016, we released a documentary short titled Healed by Horses, brings awareness of how equine programs can help people suffering with emotional trauma like PTSD, physical challenges, stress, and behavioral issues to overcome them. The most recent 2018 release, entitled “draggin’ fairchild,” documents the life and times surrounding the first organized drag races in the Eastern United States.