Sample Work

Healed by Horses
This is a wonderful, heartwarming short awareness-building documentary on how horses have helped people. Troubled youth, PTSD sufferers, people battling mental and physical handicaps many times can be helped by some version of equine therapy. Filmed on-location in Kentucky at Stepping Stone Ranch at Deer Run Stables, the stories of how horses have helped heal people there is inspiring.


The Regulators

“The Regulators” documents a pre-Revolutionary resistance movement that flourished in the colony of North Carolina. Living in a time fraught with rampant abuses of taxation and widespread corruption in the courts, the Regulation supporters petitioned that the government merely follow the law. After years of abuse their opposition finally led to a showdown with Governor Tryon at the Battle of Alamance on May 16, 1771. The movement may have met an ill-fated end that day but these “sons of liberty” were not forgotten. The Revolutionary movement learned from their successes and failures and applied the lessons as the next chapter of American history was written.



This documentary takes the viewer through the history of the development of the carousel (or merry-go-round) and the rise of the Dentzel family as a prominent manufacturer of these fun rides. It parallels the Dentzel’s arrival in Germantown PA and their subsequent success with the founding and growth of the City of Burlington NC since both of these share a similar timeline. It presents the confluence of the Dentzels’ history with Burlington’s when the city purchased its carousel. The carousel is a beloved symbol of Burlington and was lovingly restored to its former glory in the early 1980s. It continues as the centerpiece of Burlington City Park’s Amusement area, a “working museum piece” that still brings joy to the heart of both the child and the child-at-heart.


Pastor Thompson Tribute Part 1 of 4

This is a documentary video that was created on occasion of the retirement of Pastor Howard Thompson after serving Burlington Assembly of God for 42 years. In his sojourn, he accomplished many things the church and for Burlington and the surrounding communities. This is part one of four, the other links follow the embedded video, should you be interested in viewing them.

Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4


Jordan and Israel – A Biblical Pilgrimage

A video semi-documentary travelogue of a visit to historic and holy sites in Jordan and Israel. Sites visited include Petra and Gerasa in Jordan, the Sea of Galilee, Cana and Nazareth, Tel Megiddo, Bethlehem, Masada, and Jerusalem. Filmed November/December 2012.