About Chris Laforet

ChrisLaforetPortrait0HeadshotI have been photographing since my college days at Campbell University where I was enticed into the world of photography by a friend, and then had the pleasure of being “taught the ropes” by Todd Scarborough. It was his constant critique that improved both my shooting technique and my darkroom skills.

My video cameras are a Nikon D-7000 and a Panasonic TM-700 which both shoot 1080p. My current photographic gear are a Nikon D-700 and a D-7000 along with a plethora of lenses, and always tote an Olympus point-and-shoot digital camera attached to my hip. My D-7000, as mentioned earlier, is mostly used for video work but it doubles as a second camera and has its own “character” in photographic mode that is distinct from that of the D-700.

My first serious camera was a Canon EF back in the early 80s. I also have had a Minolta Maxxum, Nikon FM, Nikon F4, and Nikon Point and Shoot in my film days. My first DSLR (which was recently retired after almost 10 years of use) was a D-100. I have had and maintained a private full color and B&W lab on and off for much of that time.

Photography, Videography, music, and painting are my “sanity breaks” that save me from my day-to-day software development existence! My video work can be seen on Vimeo at

I live in, and video and photograph mostly around, North Carolina. I love traveling so there are many shots from states around us, out West, and other places. If you are interested in seeing my photographic work, let me point you to my current work at iPernity and my earlier work on Flickr. I did not move all my gazillion photos over to iPernity when I protested the Flickr makeover. I also maintain a photo blog on WordPress called The Ice-Blue Line of Insanity.

If you like reading about and discussing the creative process, come over and join me on my blog at Chris’ Creative Musings. I discuss several subjects including photography, painting, video, software development (my day job), and occasionally have some rant or theological insight. It is a real hodge-podge but one can easily navigate by subject over there.

<IXOUS>< My creativity is by the grace of, and to the glory of, God. Need I say more?

About Forris Day, Jr.

ButchPortrait09Forris has been involved in radio broadcasting for nearly twenty years for stations such as WARE, WMAS, WRNX, WCAT, WTCC, WHYN among others. Radio, one of his passions, led to acting in community theater in over a dozen shows. He then transitioned into film as an actor, editor and grip on many independent films and documentaries. His film-work involves movies such as “Geno McGahee’s Family Secret”, “Scary Tales”, “Sickle”, “Lone Gunman”, “Temporary Files” and many others.

He has also been an avid photographer for nearly 30 years. He writes book, movie and product reviews for several websites including and

His podcast “Coffee Shop Conversations” is an entertainment interview show where listeners can learn, by being a ‘fly on the wall’ as Forris talks with actors, directors, authors and others in the entertainment business. “Coffee Shop Conversations” can be found here and Forris’s IMDb page can be found here.

ShutteRelease welcomes him on-board as a team contributor in the making of its upcoming documentary “The Regulators.”