About Chris Laforet

ChrisLaforetPortrait0HeadshotChris has been photographing since his college days at Campbell University where he had the privilege of being “taught the ropes” by Todd Scarborough. It was his constant critique that improved both Chris’ shooting technique and darkroom skills. His first serious camera was a Canon EF back in the early 80s. His first DSLR (which was recently retired after almost 10 years of use) was a Nikon D-100.

Chris directs and produces, he shoots today with 4K video cameras and DSLRs, he is an FAA licensed Pilot-in-Charge for drone operations, and he is also an editor.

He attributes his creativity is by the grace of, and to the glory of, God. Having this focus drives him to put a fine-edge on his endeavors.

About Forris Day, Jr.

ButchPortrait09Forris is an occasional contributor and advisor to ShutteRelease. Forris has been involved in radio broadcasting for over twenty years for stations such as WARE, WMAS, WRNX, WCAT, WTCC, WHYN among others. Radio, one of his passions, led to acting in community theater in over a dozen shows. He then transitioned into film as an actor, editor and grip on many independent films and documentaries. His film-work involves movies such as “Geno McGahee’s Family Secret”, “Scary Tales”, “Sickle”, “Lone Gunman”, “Temporary Files” and many others.

He has also been an avid photographer for nearly 30 years. He writes book, movie and product reviews for several websites including and

Most recently, he has been the host for “Rolling Tape” on the Borgus Network.