Meet the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for “The Regulators” has begun regular meetings as the project gains momentum. ShutteRelease Films is pleased to introduce the members of the board. In last name alphabetical order, we have:

Walter Yates Boyd, a lawyer, historian, and film/stage producer and a descendent of Regulator families.
Ted Scott Henson, the former president of Alamance Battleground Friends, historian, and Regulator specialist.
John Maynard, a former Chair of Alamance Chamber of Commerce, avid photographer, and business adviser.
Wayne Pecinich. a former Burlington Police Officer, owner of video production company, seasoned director, and producer of independent films.

The skills and knowledge that each of these board members brings to the table will fine-tune our documentary and keep it historically accurate.

Full biographies of theses board members will be posted online shortly.

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