Pair of CDB TV show teasers released!

We are pleased to share out a couple teasers for Carolina Dune Buggies (CDB) TV show. Together they tell a funny story that began in the shop.

CDB follows the real-life activities and personalities at an Eden, North Carolina company of the same name. Its episodes rotate around the characters at the shop whose personalities and antics bring the show to life as they build these custom-designed dune buggies, sand rails, kit cars, and specialty engines, and as they restore and build classic air-cooled VW-based cars, buses, and dune buggies.

Here is the Monkey Glue story which leads into the next teaser:

John and his Monkey Glue obsession can lead to some interesting problems:

Finally, we are pleased to provide you a behind-the-scenes of the filming of the “Explosion!” story:

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