“The Regulators 250th Anniversary Edition” has been released

THe Regulators 250thShutteRelease Films is pleased to announce the release of the Director’s cut of its documentary “The Regulators” in advance of the 250th anniversary of the battle in 2021. With lots of new interviews, and reworked and new footage, it offers an excellent look at the Regulation movement of the 1760s.

This edition has been released directly to Internet distribution. It being offered on Vimeo On-Demand (The Regulators 250th on Vimeo) and on Amazon Video (The Regulators 250th on Amazon). Amazon Prime members can currently watch The Regulators 250th for free.

“The Regulators” documents a pre-Revolutionary resistance movement that arose in the back-country of the colony of North Carolina between 1765 and 1771. In a time fraught with rampant abuses of taxation and widespread corruption in the courts, the Regulation supporters petitioned that the government merely follow the law. After years of abuse their opposition finally led to a showdown with Governor Tryon and his militia troops at the Battle of Alamance on May 16, 1771. The Regulation movement may have met an ill-fated end on that day but these sons of liberty were not forgotten. The growing Revolutionary movement learned from the successes and failures at Alamance and applied those lessons as the next chapter of American history was written.

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