First Test Screening of “The Regulators”

The first screening of the first final cut of the documentary “The Regulators” was conducted at the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce. The group prepared an extensive set of editing notes which will be used in preparing the second cut. Some of our screeners were remote also. The producer will like to thank all who participated in this exercise. Thanks also to the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce for permitting us to use their facilities.


Finally, thanks to all who attended in person or remotely for the screening process:

Lisa Cox, Robert Cox, Ed Crookshanks, Bryan Dalton, Butch Day, Mark Hall, Ted Henson, Mike Foster, Sherry Laforet,Barbara Massey, J Niemoller, Ladd Sawyer, and Dr. Carole Troxler, some of whom are pictured above.

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