Filming at Old Salem and with the “Sword of Peace” actors

We have received confirmation for our plans to film at Old Salem in Winston-Salem in the first week of August. Old Salem is the stand-in for Hillsborough of the 1760s era since, unfortunately, Hillsborough’s old town doesn’t exist as it did then. Many of Old Salem’s enactors will also be participating in this shoot. ShutteRelease is extremely pleased with the excellent assistance of the staff at Old Salem in getting this project off the ground.

Additionally, dialog with the actors and staff of the “Sword of Peace” Outdoor Drama in Snow Camp has progressed very nicely. We are in the late stages of planning a shoot to enact several critical scenes for the documentary. Among these is the battlefield lynching of James Few and the dramatic moment when the equestrian Governor Tryon spurred his militia to fire upon the Regulators at Alamance. We at ShutteRelease look forward to working with this talented group of actors over the next few weeks.

Other than this, we are beginning to wrap up the shooting phase of this project and have started focusing on the editing phase. More to come over the next few weeks.

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