Editing Has Begun on “The Regulators”!


As of yesterday, May 30, the editing process has gotten underway for “The Regulators” documentary. While there is still a fair amount of footage still to be captured, there are clear segments that can start being stitched together. The cataloged video in Prelude has been pulled into Premiere Pro for editing and some initial compositions are being worked out in After Effects. Pictured above are The Craven Regiment’s Andrew Duppstadt (left frame) and Guilford Militia’s Chicory “J” Niemand (right frame).

On Monday, June 2, we will conduct our first interview with an on-screen expert. Dr. Carole Troxler, author of “Farming Dissenters,” has graciously accepted our offer for an interview. Other interviews will follow throughout the months of June and July.

On the film shooting side, ShutteRelease is looking forward to capturing some Revolutionary War re-enactors next weekend at Cowpens and the interior shots and re-enactments at Tryon Palace are to be scheduled in the near future. All in all, the process is moving forwards at a decent pace.

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