New Facebook Group for Independent Film-makers!


Ta-ta-ta-DA! I am pleased to announce a new group on Facebook. It is called “Piedmont NC Filmmakers.” This group serves to connect Independent Filmmakers, Crew, and Actors located in the Triad/Piedmont area of North Carolina. The objective is to share information, help one another, and find out what opportunities exist in the local film-making scene.

Acting, directing, music, sound, camera operation, narrating, photography, editing, gripping, writing, or planning are all important aspects of film-making and if you do any of these things in the Triad area of NC, you are more than welcome to join the group. In working on “The Regulators,” ShutteRelease is deeply indebted to the sharing spirit of other film-makers in the area and is hoping that this group will help spur on even more exchanges over time.

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